I've had great luck working with some of the best people in the industry and here are some reviews my past colleagues have said about me:

"Joo absolutely is a conceptual thinker and thinks beyond just the practical."

"Joo certainly is able to explore hypothetical concepts and materializes them into visual references. Her ability to think outside of the box has been evident through all the projects I’ve had the pleasure to work with Joo on. Her growth has been exponential and apparent in everything she creates.  She’s an amazing designer and a huge asset to the creative team."

"Joo is really talented for someone so young and she can only continue to get better with the right mentoring."

"Joo definitely has a great sense of aesthetics and has always shown original designs that complement both her POV as well as the project deliverables. As she is constantly learning the latest design trends and sharing her learning with the agency, her work is an evident reflection of her passion and we love her for that!"

"Joo always has well thought out executions and can speak to how she got there."

"Joo is excellent at exploring and experimenting creative. She always brings solutions when challenged. Her ability to keep her work fresh and relevant is also an impressive asset."

"Joo's reliability and positive attitude make her a complete joy to work with. She delivers at a higher level than some more senior creatives."

"Your questions and insights are always on point when asked in private. Let everyone else know how good you are!"

"Joo deals with difficult assignments/deadlines not only with a sense of urgency but also true ownership. She is always engaged and has proven to produce high quality work that represents the agency in the utmost positive light."

"I believe Joo is quite results oriented and as she grows and eventually moves in to the position of a project lead or department lead, I'm sure she will excel in these areas."

"Joo was able to prioritze her own work and focus on the important tasks."

"Joo is super fast and she often overdelivers on what is asked."

"Joo is definitely results-driven and keen on always delivering above and beyond. She is also quick to adjust should a deliverable shifts in deadlines or requirements. Her perfectionist approach to everything she owns is admirable because we can always count on her to thoroughly comb through all her deliverables to ensure error-free and brilliant artwork."

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