I was born with the name Joo Young, which means a person who is able to swim through any situation, in Korean. And they say a name can really affect a person's life, which is clearly seen in the case of, well, my life. I was born in Seoul, Korea but moved to San Diego, California at an early age of 7. Upon graduating highschool, I moved to NYC to study Communications Design at Pratt Institute. After 4 years, I felt like I needed a change, and moved back to California but this time to Los Angeles. And after one year of working in LA, things took an unexpected turn and I had to move back to motherland, Seoul, Korea. As much as I loved being back in motherland, I felt a bit out of place and wanted to explore more. And so today, here I am, in Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since moving to Stockholm, I have been falling in love with Stockholm but also Europe in general, being able to travel to different cities and countries every so often. 

I try to take every situation with positive energy to make them into opportunities: to help me step out of my comfort zones and grow, both on a personal, emotional, and creative level. 

I am a designer, creator, explorer and adventure-seeker. I like going to new places, meeting new people, hearing new ideas, and collecting new inspirations. 

I observe, I listen. I capture, I share. I am a visual communicator and believe that good design has no barriers. I am constantly on the hunt for new opportunities so please don't be shy to send me a "hello!" 

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